August 04, 2016

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The 411 on Music in the Workplace

Fear not music lovers, you don’t have to cut out music when you’re on the clock. While, at least not completely. Just keep these pointers in mind the next time you’re reaching for the play button.

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July 28, 2016

Staying Aware with Pokémon Go

Since its release on July 6th, the interactive smartphone game Pokémon Go has become an internet sensation and it’s no wonder why! For the first time ever, Pokémon fans are able to take on the true role of a Pokémon trainer and “catch-them-all” by exploring the world beyond their front door.

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July 01, 2016

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Did someone say fireworks?

Halloween’s a good time, everyone loves Thanksgiving, Christmas is a favorite for the kids, but Independence Day could be giving ‘em all a run for their money. What could be better than the day off work, fireworks, BBQs and cold drinks with friends and family on a hot summer day? (Spoiler alert: nothing!)

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June 15, 2016

BibRave Renews, Expands Partnership with AfterShokz

AfterShokz renews with BibRave for product marketing and race promotion
Portland, OR – BibRave, an innovative marketing solution for races and endurance brands, has extended its partnership with AfterShokz, the the award-winning headphone brand known for its open ear bone conduction technology.

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June 10, 2016

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6 Reasons Why Giving Dad Some Headphones Will Make You The Favorite Child

Trust us, the old man doesn’t need another tie, and he’ll never use that “World’s Best Dad” mug. Celebrate Father’s Day by giving Dad what he really wants - some AfterShokz headphones.

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May 31, 2016

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Ask and you shall receive. Introducing: Trekz Titanium Mini!

What started as a stretch goal within the launch of Trekz Titanium on Indiegogo last year, is now officially available to the masses on our website. Measuring approximately 2 inches (4.7cm) smaller than the original, the Mini was sized to snugly fit tweens, teens and adults with smaller heads. 

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A little rain never hurt no one - Beach to Bay 2016

Ever stopped through a small town on a road trip and noticed the people to be over-the-top friendly? When you go to pay for your gas, and you feel like you’ve made a best friend at the pump? Or when your waitress at the diner is so personable, you feel like you’ve known her your whole life? Well, that’s what it’s like talking to everyone in Corpus Christi, Texas. All 305,000 of ‘em.

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May 17, 2016

How much impact can one person really have on the world?

The world’s a pretty big place. There’s a lot of bad out there too - a lot of poverty, a lot of illness, a lot of homelessness, and a lot of inequality. And I’m just one person. One 20-something who works 9 to 5 in an office with just 7 others. I don’t lead a powerful or overly exciting life. A big day for me is when I remember to floss or when I find a $5 bill in an old jacket pocket. What can little ‘ol me really do to make a change in the world?

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