Top reasons why Trekz Titanium are the worst and you should definitely never use them.

Some people seem to think Trekz are pretty cool. But IMHO, I don’t get it.

They aren’t flexible at all… Ugh, so annoying.


If you’re into getting hit by cars... well, too bad. Because now you’ll hear ‘em coming from a mile away. Where’s the fun in that?

Wild animals don’t roam city streets, so you definitely don’t need to listen for them.

We hear they’re changing lives, but who cares about that?

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When you love your job, magic happens

It’s no secret that it pays to like your job. We spend so many of our waking hours working—life just wouldn’t be as pretty if we didn’t dig it. The internet preaches how essential happiness at work is to our overall well being, how professional satisfaction supports the development of unique talents and gives us a sense of purpose. But enjoying what you do is bigger than that, and in my opinion, far more grand than the benefits we reap personally. When you have passion for your work, you become naturally more effective and creative. You build things. Not just things for you, but things that others will benefit from as well. You positively impact lives. You become infused with a feeling of superhuman strength that finds ways to just make shit happen.

I’m experiencing this phenomenon personally right now. I work for a tech company that is tirelessly innovating and has made a difference for so many people in its young life. Though life at AfterShokz is easy to enjoy because we make some pretty neat stuff and the folks I spend my days with make me smile every day, it’s not without its fair share of challenges. Being “small but mighty” is a double-edged sword in that there’s so much we want to do, but are limited in the resources required to make it all happen.

That’s where it pays to LOVE your work. When you love what you do, you’re filled with a willingness to stop at nothing to discover solutions that’ll change people’s lives, even when it's not easy. You give it that extra effort it deserves, whatever it takes—and it never feels like a burden. Love has a way of making you think about the big picture, drives you to find ways you can make a difference, regardless of what’s in it for you. It’s a beautiful thing. As the saying goes, "Love can move mountains". 

That level of inspiration and commitment is what's moving mountains over here. Every day I find examples of how our team is silently driven by something bigger than just good enough. It takes true love to endure the blood, sweat and tears that accompany revolutionary development with a smile. While there's pride in delivering our constantly-connected generation of music streaming/gaming/FaceTiming selves a safe alternative to earbudswe've refused to stop there. Real passion for betterment is how Trekz Titanium™, a product on course to redefine the sport headphone category as we know it, came to life. While being a part of its journey has been invigorating for all of us, the best part is: we're honored to do it.

Kim Fabiano Fassetta
VP of Marketing
(AKA The Company Cheerleader)

June 22, 2015

Crowdfunding: The Most Powerful Marketing Tool You Never Considered

When you think about crowdfunding, do you envision a fresh, young minds with an ingenious invention born in the garage who are seeking capital to make their dreams a reality? Well, it’s a much more valuable tool than just a platform to raise cash. And for those of us who already have efficient manufacturing systems in place, crowdfunding can become the most powerful marketing platform your business has ever known.


Though the concept of collecting funding prior to handing over a product or performing a service may be motivation enough, the marketing opportunities are what make crowdfunding so powerful, even for the most well-established brands. Because it seems an ideal fit for accessory manufacturers, especially those tending to be entrepreneurial or with limited access to traditional capital markets, my company AfterShokz has chosen to embark on a crowdfunding journey. Here’s why:


We Want to Know That if We Build it, They Will Come

Even with a sound concept, good prototype and substantial audience, manufacturing is a still a gamble. I have 40 years of experience, but there are still times I wish I had a crystal ball to know if I’m making the right bet. Now, there is finally a way to gauge the true level of consumer interest in your product, get feedback on what features are desired and what pieces need work, and test marketing campaigns prior to investment. Behold – the phenomenon of crowdfunding! At AfterShokz, we have found crowdfunding is the most accurate form of research in these areas, because the data is coming from our actual customers.


Crowdfunding is Community Building at its Best

One of the many benefits of crowdfunding is the direct engagement with the buying public – so many of the crowdfunding platforms are designed like social networks of sorts. I’ll bet this is because the value of consumers interacting with each other — in a space where you the manufacturer can learn from that communication — is just as important as the fundamental ability to interact with your brand. We’ve all seen how social networks have exponentially increased the value of word-of-mouth marketing. So, the chance to develop brand loyalty while attracting new brand enthusiasts from the swell just makes sense.


The Butterfly Effect

Crowdfunding success relies heavily on a well-planned campaign and strategic public relations effort. While correctly executing these strategies should put you in the position to raise your desired funds, there are additional benefits that have been known to follow. The dramatic increase in brand awareness from a successful campaign can lead to visibility that produces a collaboration, partnership or investment in the future.


A Creative Spin on Giving Back

For as long as I can remember, brands have linked up with charitable organizations to raise money and awareness for causes that span the globe. Instead of the more traditional route of selling products with a portion of the proceeds donated to the charity, crowdfunding allows you to get creative with giving. Incentivizing customers with a limited edition version of the product or a unique extra perk makes for a much more collaborative environment between brands and charities, as they work together to accomplish a common goal of helping others.


We Want to Go Big

My last bit of advice is a common phrase that I believe to be especially true in the case of crowdfunding: Go big, or go home. In this particular gamble, where the risk is so low, it makes sense to give it everything you’ve got to increase the potential for return. Build a strong team to manage your campaign, account for any and all successes and failures, and share it on every appropriate venue. Don’t skimp on the materials required to sell your idea to the world, and be open to everything your community has to say. And most importantly, never skimp on the perks offered to your supporters. Remember, not only are they paying you up front for a delivery in the future, they’re also providing feedback that will help you bring the very best product to market — and that’s where the long-term success lies.


This article was authored by Bruce Borenstein and initially published on

April 18, 2015