We called our doctors - now it's your turn!
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We called our doctors - now it's your turn!

It’s free - why wouldn’t you get tested? 

The team in the AfterShokz office is full of estrogen, which may be why working with Bright Pink to spread awareness about breast and ovarian cancer was such an easy decision for us. We’ve been learning the scary stats about the likelihood of developing one of these cancers, and we’ve been spreading the message to our audience about the importance of being proactive and getting checked.

And then it hit us - we’re total hypocrites. We haven’t called our own doctors for appointments!

We took the quick quiz to assess our risk of developing breast and ovarian cancers, and were relieved to know we’re all average-risk. Then we learned that 75% of those who develop these cancers are average-risk. 75%! Yikes. That’s not something to mess around with.

You don’t think it’ll happen to you until it does. It’s always a friend-of-a-friend, a former co-worker’s sibling, an old classmate, but never you. An exam is just a phone call away and it could be a call that could save your life. Or, your sister’s life. Or, your mother’s life. Or, a friend-of-a-friend, a former co-worker’s sibling or, an old classmate’s life.

Say goodbye to commitment issues!

Getting checked is just the first step – committing to a healthier lifestyle will help reduce your risk of breast and ovarian cancer. There are so many resources available to act as reminders for you and your female loved ones to stay proactive, so take advantage of ‘em.

Text reminders? Check!

Text PINK to 59227 for monthly breast cancer check reminders

More sun? Yes please!

Vitamin D decreases the risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer

Our headphones are sweat proof - time to put them to the true test for 30 mins a day!

30 minutes of exercise per day can reduce the risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer by as much as 20 percent

Join the ladies at AfterShokz and get checked with us. We’re here to support you, and we want to be proactive together. Let’s all be #AwareWithPink!