December 27, 2018

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3 Benefits To Bone Conduction

Let's talk about bones! If you're curious to learn more about bone conduction and how bone conduction technology can benefit you, this blog post covers it all!

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October 31, 2016

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Vine Is Shutting Down: Let's Look Back On Our Favorites!

Last week, Twitter announced that they're shutting down their mobile app "Vine" and the Internet went wild! While we're sad to see Vine close their doors, we feel it deserves a proper goodbye. Let's count down to our favorite Vines of all time!

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12 Ways To Be Proactive This Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re doing all we can to turn breast and ovarian cancer awareness into action. Awareness is key, but it’s only the first step. Living a positive lifestyle is the #1 way you can reduce your risk of developing cancer, and we’ve got a few quick tips to improve your health that you can incorporate into your schedule this week.

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AfterShokz Hits The Radio!

We had a blast at our radio debut thanks to KRock! Check out our first radio experience and how you can listen (and watch) the episode we're in.

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Five Reasons Why Women Should See Their Healthcare Provider Today

Last week we announced Trekz Titanium Pink and we’re all pretty excited to sport the hot new color while also speaking out about the risks of ovarian cancer, a disease that 1 in 67 women will develop in their lifetime, and breast cancer, affecting 1 in 8.

When it comes to combatting cancer, awareness is the name of the game. Your chances of survival are significantly higher with early detection. That’s why it’s so important to receive routine checkups and annual screenings. If that’s not enough of a reason to dial your doctor’s number, here are a few more: 


1. To Develop a Rapport

You may only be seeing your doctor once every three, five, seven years right now, but as you get older, you’re going to need your doctor more and more. Why not take the time now to find someone you’ll actually enjoy seeing? By developing a positive relationship with a provider who makes you feel comfortable and lets you be yourself, you’re more likely to keep those appointments, even with your crazy schedule.


2. To Give You Peace of Mind

You know you’ve laid awake some nights asking yourself, is this normal? Is that? And how about that other thing? Don’t lose those precious winks of sleep wondering. With one quick trip to your provider, you’ll have a much better idea of where you stand, and what you can do to improve your bill of health.


3. To Maintain Optimal Health

If you look healthy, and you feel healthy, then you must be fine, right? Ehhh, unfortunately not always. By keeping up with your wellness exams, bloodwork, and other routine testing, you’ll be able to tackle the small stuff, and that’s much easier than tackling the big stuff!


4. To Save Money

Nobody likes bills, and nobody wants to pay more bills than they have to. (How many little fines, fees and service charges have you disputed?) But a small co-pay now is loads better than a big hospital bill later.


5. To Set An Example For Your Kids

From watching your language, to eating your vegetables, you’re a positive role model for your kids. Demonstrate that getting your yearly checkup is no worry and no hassle, so that they grow up caring about their health, as much as you care about their health!

Staying Aware with Pokémon Go

Since its release on July 6th, the interactive smartphone game Pokémon Go has become an internet sensation and it’s no wonder why! For the first time ever, Pokémon fans are able to take on the true role of a Pokémon trainer and “catch-them-all” by exploring the world beyond their front door.

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June 10, 2016

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6 Reasons Why Giving Dad Some Headphones Will Make You The Favorite Child

Trust us, the old man doesn’t need another tie, and he’ll never use that “World’s Best Dad” mug. Celebrate Father’s Day by giving Dad what he really wants - some AfterShokz headphones.

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A little rain never hurt no one - Beach to Bay 2016

Ever stopped through a small town on a road trip and noticed the people to be over-the-top friendly? When you go to pay for your gas, and you feel like you’ve made a best friend at the pump? Or when your waitress at the diner is so personable, you feel like you’ve known her your whole life? Well, that’s what it’s like talking to everyone in Corpus Christi, Texas. All 305,000 of ‘em.

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April 21, 2016

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Building an Army on a Budget

For a startup accessory brand, the phrase “small but mighty” can feel more like an oxymoron than an inspiring operation. While being lean has its advantages, it also means you have to get creative with your resources. And when it comes to growth, the million-dollar question is: what’s the secret to scaling up efficiently and cost effectively?


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